We strive to help communities and industries solve their most challenging environmental infrastructure problems. We believe in taking a holistic approach inclusive of not only the technical considerations but also those associated with the Owner’s capability to afford, viable financing alternatives, and regulatory requirements.

Our focus for over 45 years has been serving communities and industries in Indiana. Over this time, we have developed niche expertise in water resource engineering. This expertise has allowed us to partner with other Engineering Consulting Firms across the Midwest – primarily serving in the role of water resource expert.

Over this time, and based on these partnering experiences and interactions with corresponding client communities, it became apparent that there is a much greater need in the water resource industry throughout the Midwest region and that Commonwealth could fill that need. That is why in 2019 we decided to offer our services directly to client communities in Kentucky, resulting in opening a new office in Bowling Green in 2021.

Like you, we want our families to live in a sustainable, healthy environment with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is affordable and supportive of job growth, not only for our generation but also for future generations.

As a representative of your community or industry, what are your primary concerns?  Does your aging infrastructure meet your needs? Do you need assistance in navigating the constantly changing regulatory requirement terrain? Maybe you require assistance in optimizing user rates through the inclusion of infrastructure grant dollars and subsidized project financing. Or perhaps you have growth opportunities but are unsure of how they might impact your utility both currently and, in the years, to come. In many cases, these challenges may seem insurmountable, but not when you partner with Commonwealth Engineers.

Commonwealth Engineers has the experience, capability, and desire to partner with you to meet these challenges head-on. Helping communities and industries find solutions to their toughest environmental problems is what we’ve been doing since 1974. Our core team of engineers, scientists, regulators, and designers are specialized to solve your most pressing matters related to wastewater, potable water, stormwater, sustainable infrastructure, dams, levees, waterways, site civil, and energy-saving systems. We believe that our team of professionals is second-to-none.

To our existing partnering communities, we thank you for the trust you place in Commonwealth Engineers. To new communities, we invite you to explore how we can use our wealth of resources to master a common goal. To job seekers searching for a meaningful career where your abilities will be genuinely appreciated and acknowledged, we encourage you to consider a professional career with us.


Albert Stong, PE, President and Senior Project Manager

Our corporate headquarters is located in Indianapolis and we also have offices in Crown Point, Fort Wayne, and Evansville, Indiana as well as Bowling Green, Kentucky. Unlike many other engineering firms, we specialize in environmental engineering with a specific focus on water resources including potable water, wastewater, and stormwater. In addition to our professional engineers, our specialized staff includes planners, surveyors, environmental scientists, regulatory coordinators, funding (grant) experts, in-house electrical/mechanical/instrumentation control service experts, operations assistance experts, and experienced support staff. We’ve developed a depth of experience that few others can match.