CEA Program Receives Recognition from Department of Energy

“The Association of Energy Engineers® (AEE®) is pleased to announce the Certified Energy Auditor™ (CEA®) Program is the first energy auditing program to receive recognition from the Department of Energy as aligning with the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines (BBWG). The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) was the first program to receive recognition under the BBWG.  The CEA and CEM programs are the most recognized credentials for energy auditors and energy managers and have also achieved ANSI accreditation. With over 2,000 active CEAs, the BBWG now has a quality workforce in place to meet the growing demands of the marketplace.

Better Buildings® is a national initiative in which the U.S. Department of Energy works with partners to promote greater energy efficiency to save energy and money, create jobs, and protect the environment. The Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines were developed in collaboration between DOE and the commercial energy performance industry to strengthen the growing energy efficiency market by certifying a highly skilled workforce.

Click here for the news release announcing the DOE recognition of the CEA certification.”


Meet Commonwealth’s CEA Electrical Engineer:

Toby Church, P.E., C.E.A.

Title: P.E., Electrical Engineer
Office: Indianapolis

Toby has been involved in the design and implementation of electrical and control systems for over 25 years. With his education and work experience, he possesses expertise in the electrical and control field and is able to evaluate and design cost-effective electrical and control systems. Toby is a professional licensed electrical engineer, AEE certified energy auditor, and licensed master electrician. He has also had formal training  in power quality analysis. He prides himself on being able to have conversations with owners about their needs and design a cost-effective electrical/control system that meets those needs. Toby’s key skills include: controls system design, electrical system design, blueprints & schematics, generators & transformers, switches & circuit breakers, electrical code, trouble shooting, testing instruments, and motors & conduit.


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