Construction in Richmond, Indiana – Punching Out at Shaft 308

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. (CEI) led a team that designed the East Side Interceptor Replacement Project, a three phased project that involves replacing an aged 24-36 inch gravity interceptor with a new 54 inch gravity interceptor using a combination of open-cut and tunneling construction.  The projects are an important component of the Richmond Sanitary District’s goal to reduce overflows on the east side of the City and to comply with their Long Term Control Plan.  CEI is presently assisting the District with construction engineering and inspection for Phase III – which involves approximately 8,200 feet of 54 inch interceptor primarily using trenchless rock tunneling techniques in an urban environment. The Contractor, Layne Heavy Civil, recently reached their first major tunneling milestone, finishing a run from Shaft 306 to Shaft 308 – a distance of approximately 1,200 feet.  The video below shows the 80 inch diameter Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) punching out at Shaft 308 at a depth of approximately 50 feet.

For more information, contact Brian Desharnais, Ph.D., P.E.