Deep Cuts Averted in Federal Water Funding

The bill allocates $1.46 billion to EPA’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) in F.Y. 2012, a slight reduction from the $1.5 billion funding level in 2011. The Drinking Water SRF program was funded at $919 million, very close to F.Y. 2011 levels. The bill includes a 10% set-aside for “green infrastructure” wastewater projects, as well as funding for various Corps of Engineers Civil Works programs and clean-up programs under the Department of Energy.

Based upon the EPA data, the Clean Water State Revolving Funds should be sufficient to fund approximately 473 new wastewater projects nationwide and more than 81,000 jobs when combined with state matching funds. The amount provided for the Drinking Water State Revolving Funds program will fund approximately 353 new drinking water projects nationwide and more than 50,000 jobs when combined with state matching funds.

The bill provides $1.1 billion for Categorical Grants with $165 million allocated for non-point source (Sec. 319) grants.

The House of Representatives passed the bill 296-121 on Friday. The Senate passed the bill 67-32 on Saturday. President Obama is expected to sign the budget into law this week.

Fiscal year 2011 funding Fiscal Year 2012 funding

Indiana                        $36,600,000.00                                              $35,251,300.00