July 14th Client Appreciation Golf Outing

The 17th Annual Client Appreciation Golf Outing was originally scheduled for Friday, June 23, 2017. Unfortunately, mother nature was not in the mood for golf. With the day full of thunderstorms and lightning in the Indianapolis area, Commonwealth Engineers decided to put everyone’s safety first and postpone for Friday, July 14.

Although some weren’t able to make the new date, we had a good turnout. Who doesn’t love a western-themed golf outing on a hot summer day? A little hillbilly horseshoe game, some drinks in a boot, and don’t forget the cow “chipping” were all part of the fun.

Thank you to all who dealt with reading the flurry of e-mail updates, and to those who were able to re-arrange their schedules to attend! The day turned out to be a great day of golf and catching up with good friends. Even more importantly, $6,000 was raised for our client-designated charities!