Belvedere Street Storm Sewer Separation City of Anderson

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City of Anderson
Anderson, IN

The project consisted of a design to separate storm and sanitary sewers in an existing 56 acre residential neighborhood in Anderson, IN. The project also included a hydrologic and hydraulic design of a new outlet for the project. Considerations had to be made to see if discharging into an existing pond would be technically feasible.

But, flows discharged directly into the pond could have an adverse impact on the available freeboard for local businesses surrounding the pond. The real problem stems from the fact that existing buildings were constructed too close to the normal pool elevation of the pond. This resulted in minimal freeboard being provided. Flood routing calculations showed that bypassing the pond and directly discharging into an adjacent stream was more appropriate. This project consisted of the design, construction and inspection of approximately 11,000 lineal feet of 12 inch through 48 inch storm sewer and 70 structures.