Waterworks Improvements Project City of Montpelier

Portfolio / Potable Water



Rehabilitation of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) while maintaining the existing treatment process. The project repaired leaks, reduced water loss, and improved future maintenance abilities.

  • WTP rehabilitation & improvements
  • Replacement of leaking filter system with 2 new aluminum filter units (each with a capacity of 300 gpm)
  • New 200 KW emergency generator; Updated chlorination system; Added dehumidification
  • New WTP metal roof; Waterproof coating on plant clearwell; Repaint piping, wall, floors, and ceiling
  • Update lighting, electrical, and HVAC; Replace SCADA
  • New security fencing, site paving, and grading for stormwater control

Additional work:

  • Water Main replacements
  • Remove old tank with remaining funds