President’s Infrastructure Initiative – Water and Wastewater Funding

On Wednesday, June 8th, as part of Infrastructure Week, President Trump introduced his infrastructure initiativehowever, neither Wednesday’s speech nor the subsequent White House Press Release illuminates specific details on how the $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan will provide new funding for wastewater and water projects. Instead, the White House Press Release prioritizes improvements to the nation’s waterways, and key components of the President’s Plan include lowering the average project permitting time and incentivizing the private sector to spend more money on infrastructure.

Despite no explicit mention of the nation’s wastewater and water needs, the President’s Plan does emphasize investment in rural infrastructure (in contrast to the President’s initial budget, which cut rural development spending), and this investment might ultimately prove to direct some funding into wastewater and water projects. Additionally, according to TIME, in March when the heads of 16 federal agencies met to develop the infrastructure plan, officials laid out a strategy to improve the nation’s bridges, railways, and sewers.

As details of the President’s Plan continue to come to light, Commonwealth Engineers will examine how sewer or water infrastructure is incorporated, and will report on any new funding opportunities that can benefit the towns and cities of Indiana.

For additional information, please contact Brady Dryer at Commonwealth Engineers: (317) 888-1177 or email