Upcoming 2017 Deadline – INDOT Community Crossings Matching Grant Program

Community Crossings is a program through the partnership between the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Hoosier Communities for the purpose of economic development, job creation, and to make improvements to local roads and bridges.

All Indiana city, town, and county government units are eligible for up to $1 Million of matching grant funds per year for projects such as road and bridge preservation, roundabouts, road reconstruction, and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance in conjunction with road preservation. Along with roads and bridges, projects can include plans for drainage issues that affect the Right-of-Way (ROW). Furthermore, funds are intended for building projects, not maintenance.

State match funds are 75/25 for cities smaller than 10,000 and counties smaller than 50,000 and 50/50 match for larger cities/counties. Communities can use any money authorized for a road or bridge project for their portion of the match, including money received by the local government as a special distribution of local income taxes or money from the local government’s rainy day fund.

Cities, towns, and counties may submit more than one project per call but must have an INDOT-approved Asset Management Plan. Preference will be given to projects which have the greatest economic impact or that tie directly to economic development.

INDOT opened applications on June 5, 2017. Application deadline is July 14, 2017.

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Information Courtesy of Indiana Department of Transportation.

For more information, or to see if your project would be eligible, contact Beth Martin at Commonwealth Engineers: 317-888-1177