Water Treatment Summit – Northside Middle School – Columbus, IN

Students learn the importance of understanding what is in our water…

Northside Middle School of Columbus, Indiana held a Water Treatment Summit on Friday, February 3, 2017.

8th Grade students were given unfiltered water with different PH levels and were asked to develop a filter device made from household products in order to try to raise and lower the PH levels.  Additionally, students had to research the causes and effects of water issues within the State of Indiana, and globally. Each group had to choose a country to research (it seemed Canada and Australia were the most popular choices).

Josh Wheatley and Tracy Boehmer, P.E. of Commonwealth Engineers were happy to assist in judging these projects based on students’ presentations and materials. These projects were not intended for competition, but as a way to learn and share the importance of understanding the impact that water-related issues can play in our communities.