We believe the positive outcome of any project is dependent upon true teamwork. We strive to use focused communication and coordinated efforts with our customers, along with the expertise of our talented employees, to deliver the very best engineering services and technology.

This allows us to work seamlessly and in partnership with our customers to accomplish a common goal-success. Teamwork is the foundation that enables us to master a remarkably wide range of engineering challenges not only effectively, but efficiently and economically as well. Commonwealth Engineers’ teams represent our commitment to your project, to your individual needs, and to rock-solid success!

The key to our success is the relationship we develop with our clients.  From the beginning, our philosophy is to enlighten, add value, inform, advise, counsel and advocate on behalf of our clients.  We believe our job is to serve you.

Public Sector
Commonwealth Engineers brings a unique understanding to each project we engineer.  Our philosophy is to be responsive to our client’s needs, provide sound engineering solutions, and establish a long lasting relationship.  This philosophy has successfully created a large cross-section of clients with award winning designs and long lasting partnerships.  We proudly understand the importance of these partnerships by the number of clients that provide 80% of the company’s revenue by repeat business.  With each project, a team of professionals are assigned by an engineering discipline to provide a sustainable, cost effective solution that addresses the technical, financial and regulatory demands.  This philosophy has made Commonwealth Engineers a leader and the consultant of choice by many public entities across the State.

Private Sector
Commonwealth Engineers has been providing cost effective planning, permitting and engineered solutions for private sector clients for over two decades. Our team of scientists and engineers offer proven and sustainable solutions across the water, land, and air environmental disciplines. We take pride in working closely with state and federal agencies, at all levels while assisting our clients with their environmental planning, permitting, design, and construction challenges.