Civil & Transportation Solutions

On a typical day, you probably drive to work or run an errand. Most likely, you don’t notice the cross slope of the pavement or the vertical and horizontal curves along the road you travel. In fact, most Indiana citizens would be very surprised at the complexity and detail involved in designing roadways that are safe and efficient. The Commonwealth Engineers Transportation Team designs intricately detailed transportation projects throughout Indiana. With our Team’s wide range of experience in rural, urban, and state transportation projects, we are well versed in the various design parameters, and regulatory and permitting requirements.

We are proud of our ability to effectively coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies to obtain the necessary permits/approvals to construct the designed infrastructure. In addition, our team has invaluable experience in revitalization projects, industrial access projects, INDOT projects, hiking/biking trails, and much more.

Focus Areas

State & Local Streets & Highways

Intersection Improvements

Multi-use Paths & Sidewalks

Streetscapes & Enhancements

Traffic Signal Design

Land Surveying

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