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Commonwealth Engineers performs in-house instrumentation and control design – services typically only offered by large national firms.

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Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants are large energy users and, with today’s technology, the power provided to a Plant must be reliable and of good quality. Power quality issues can stem from poor power quality provided by the electric utility, or can originate from equipment at the treatment plant.

One of the largest problems we face in the water treatment industry is harmonics. Harmonics are current or voltages with frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental power frequency. To put it simply, harmonics is noise in your electrical system. Harmonics can be caused by variable frequency drives, fluorescent lights, computers switching, soft starters, and other energy savings attempts which can cause equipment failures such as over-heating, inadvertent safety tripping, etc.

The first step in solving power quality issues is to evaluate the problem. Contact us for more information.

Did You Know?

Water and Wastewater treatment represents about 3 to 4% of the nation’s energy consumption

About $4 billion is spent annually on energy costs to run drinking water and wastewater utilities

Energy costs for water and wastewater can be 1/3 of a municipality’s total energy bill

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