Virtual Walkthroughs – See your Project come to Life!

As part of Commonwealth’s design process, 3D virtual walkthroughs of proposed facilities are often developed to ensure client expectations are met, resulting in significantly better collaboration with the client. For years, we would hold design review meetings by providing 2D plan sheets, which were often quickly viewed by clients with no clear visual understanding of the end product. With 3D virtual walkthroughs, we can send a website link to a client that allows them to navigate the proposed space as if they were walking through the facility in person, which can be done at any time, not just at contractual milestones. 

“The virtual walkthrough videos provided by Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. have been a great asset when giving presentations to members of our City Council and Board of Public Works and Safety. They have also been very helpful in explaining how the new facility will operate and how the process works to our current WWTP operators and staff. Having operational experience at an SBR, it’s easier for me to understand what our new process will look like. However, many of our operators have only worked at our current facility, so for them to be able to visualize the new facility through these videos has been instrumental in explaining the process of an SBR to them.” – Nicholas Dezelan, Wastewater Utility Manager, City of Greenfield 

The below 3D virtual walkthroughs have recently been provided to one of Commonwealth’s clients who engaged us for a new wastewater treatment plant and support facilities design. These 3D virtual walkthroughs were assembled and utilized in support of the preliminary design submittal, along with the traditional 2D plan sheet assemblies. 

To give you an example of the virtual walkthroughs, check out the links below. 

New Office Building 

New Influent Pump Station 

Headworks Facility  

New SBR and Sludge Holding Tanks  

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