Attend Indiana Finance Authority Planning Meeting

Something to add to your 2020 To-Do List

As a result of the 2018 and 2019 legislative sessions, there have been several new requirements placed upon water and wastewater utilities.  These include Asset Management Program development and the completion of Water Loss Audit/ValidationsDid you know it is required for water and wastewater utilities to attend a Regional Planning meeting by March 1, 2021?  SEA 4 also requires utilities to report their participation in the meetings to the IFA. These meetings are organized by the Indiana Finance Authority and held during industry trade shows (i.e. Alliance of Indiana Rural Water, Indiana Section of the American Water Works Association, and Indiana Water Environment Association.).  The purpose of these meetings is to carry out the requirements of Senate Enrolled Act 4 and establish a forum whereby long-term utility planning issues (i.e. supply/demand, infrastructure, drought, etc.) can be discussed.


If your utility requires any assistance in completing its Asset Management Plan and/or Water Loss Audit/Validation, please contact Sarah Prizio or Theresa Criss-Hartwig for assistance. If you would like to discuss the meetings further, please contact Brady Dryer. Additional detail on this requirement and future opportunities are available here: