Our Job is to Serve You!

The positive outcome of any project is dependent on teamwork. We strive to use focused communication and coordinated efforts with our clients to deliver the very best engineering services and technology. The key to our success is relationship development.  From the beginning, our philosophy is to enlighten, add value, inform, advise, counsel and advocate on behalf of our clients.

Private and Public Sector Clients

Commonwealth Engineers is the consultant of choice by many private and public entities and brings a unique understanding to each project we engineer.  Our experience and responsiveness have successfully created a large cross-section of clientele with award-winning designs and long-lasting partnerships.  In fact, 80% of our company’s revenue is repeat business!

Each project team provides sustainable, cost-effective solutions to address the technical, financial, and regulatory demands specific to each client. Our services include planning, permitting, design, construction, and engineered solutions. Our team of scientists and engineers offer proven solutions across the water, land, and air environmental disciplines. Additionally, we have successful experience in working closely with all levels of state and federal agencies while assisting our clients.


Client Testimonials


Aqua Indiana, Inc. – Jeffery Gard, Area Manager

“What I liked about working with Commonwealth from the very start is that they listen to what the challenges are and provide a quick response. Commonwealth listens to the entire problem, looks at all the pieces that come into play, and then quickly provides a resolution to fit our needs.”

Town of Elberfeld, IN – Marty Walters, Council President

“Commonwealth Engineers (Dave Hynes, Rob Bellucci, Kendra Harding) worked very hard at coming up with an excellent design for our sewer plant and to also give us the opportunity to have the capacity for future residential and industrial growth in our community.”

City of Woodburn, IN – Mayor Joe Kelsey

“We have had nothing but excellent service from Commonwealth. Ben Adams and Jeremy Hardy are professional and personable and always get the job done!”

Town of Osgood, IN – Tony Wood, Wastewater Superintendent

“In 2000, we hired Commonwealth Engineers as our consultant and engineer and, through the years, we have done numerous projects. We’ve done a major wastewater plant upgrade, water plant upgrade, three storm sewer projects, water distribution projects, sidewalk projects, and economic development planning. I think they listen to the operators and the personnel on their design. I know our town board is very pleased with the fact that the contracts are executed on time, under budget and without a lot of change orders.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Commonwealth. I can call up the staff, they are like friends or family to me. Any questions or comments, they’re always there for advisement.

Also, I’m involved with numerous trade organizations, as well as our town, and Commonwealth has always had good outreach for public education. They support member organizations and trade organizations, and I couldn’t ask for a better consulting engineer.”

City of Nappanee, IN – Gale Gerber, Utilities Superintendent 

“We’ve worked with Commonwealth on several projects. Working with all their staff has been a pleasure; they listen to you closely. From their design teams, to their regulatory teams, to their inspection teams, all through the process they are a top-notch company to work with.”

Town of Daleville, IN – Bill Walters, Former Vice President of Town Board

“We reached out as a community to Commonwealth and talked to Al. Al has a strong presence, but he has a soft voice that comes out and can explain things in layman’s terms that everybody can understand. When choosing Commonwealth, you’re going to find a friendly face, a voice that you can trust. You will feel confident when you talk to your community of what you’re about ready to do because they’re knowledgeable. They give you the facts.”

City of Crown Point, IN – Chris Previs, Wastewater Superintendent

“Commonwealth has done every construction project we’ve had since I’ve been a foreman, and has done an excellent job from start to finish.”

Town of Haubstadt, IN – Bryon Will

“My experience has been nothing but good. They are very professional and pay attention to detail for us. We are pleased with all the projects I’ve worked with them on.”

Town of Newburgh, IN – Tom Bodkin, Town Attorney (Retired)

“My involvement with Commonwealth Engineers began in 1991 when they became the engineers for the Town of Newburgh. We have done two or three major sewer expansions in that period of time. We’ve done a Veteran’s monument project, sidewalk projects, drainage projects; we’ve done all sorts of different projects over the years and CEI would not still be here if we weren’t getting efficiency and value for the dollar.

They’ve been very helpful in finding ways to get the federal dollars to bring to the town, not only for the sewer plant, but also for sidewalk projects and road projects. Those would have been projects we probably would not have done without the federal money and without Commonwealth’s involvement and guidance, we would not have known, frankly, that the federal money was even there.”

City of Berne, IN – Shannon Smitley, Stormwater Superintendent and Building/Planning Director

“Very professional staff and good group of guys to work with. They took us under their wing and educated us a lot on what we needed to do to get back on track.”

City of Huntingburg, IN – Mayor Dennis Spinner

“The City of Huntingburg has had a long history of working with Commonwealth Engineers. Every experience that we’ve had, we’ve seen nothing but professionalism from start to finish.”

City of Plymouth, IN – Donnie Davidson, Utilities Superintendent

“We’ve been extremely satisfied with their (Commonwealth’s) representation for the City of Plymouth. They are willing to always listen to the operators and the people involved with the city and incorporate their ideas.”

City of Fort Wayne, IN – Matthew Wirtz, P.E.

“I really like that Commonwealth is local. It’s important to us to have a local office and a good qualified staff.”

Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities – Jeffery Fish, Columbus City Utilities Superintendent of Water Treatment (formerly with Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities)

“Commonwealth is set apart from other engineering firms in the fact that they were able to work with the public very well. They work with the superintendent level, the staff level, and the board level, integrating all the things we know with their experience. They’ve covered a lot of ground and they do it very well.”