Construction Set to Begin for OCRA Recipient – Town of Uniondale

The Town of Uniondale recently received a $650,000 OCRA grant for their WWTP Improvements Project.  Their existing treatment system is approaching the end of its useful life and consists of septic tanks, constructed wetlands, sand filters and a chlorination/de-chlorination system which discharges to the Wabash River with an effluent pump station.

During their most recent NPDES permit renewal, they received new effluent limits for ammonia-nitrogen and phosphorus that they were not able to meet with their existing treatment system.  A 3-year compliance schedule was also included within their permit to meet the new effluent limits.

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. assisted the Town with an engineering study to evaluate alternatives to improve their treatment system. Options included Regionalization, Algaewheel Treatment System and Submerged Activated Growth Reactor (SAGR) w/ Disk Filter Treatment System.  Additionally, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection was included as an alternate due to the Town’s issues with their chlorination/de-chlorination system.

The Study concluded that regionalization was not feasible, and the more energy-efficient alternative of the Algaewheel Treatment System with UV disinfection was selected. Construction is set to begin in January 2018.

For more information on projects and funding options like this, contact Jeremy Hardy at Commonwealth Engineers: Phone 260-494-3223 or E-mail