Crown Point, Lake County moves forward with wastewater utility improvement project.

CROWN POINT, IN — October 21, 2022

The Lake County commissioners and the City of Crown Point are moving forward with an interlocal agreement that would help homeowners in nearby unincorporated areas get off aging septic systems while aiding the city in constructing a new wastewater treatment facility.

Al Stong, of Commonwealth Engineers Inc., presented an updated plan for the wastewater utility improvements during a Monday evening special Crown Point City Council meeting.

The first phase of the project, slated to begin this April, includes making improvements to Crown Point’s existing wastewater treatment facility and adding a regional interceptor that would connect unincorporated homes in the western part of the county to the facility. The second phase, scheduled to begin next October, involves connecting downtown Crown Point to the wastewater treatment facility through a downtown interceptor. During the third phase, which will begin in October 2024, new lift stations and force mains will be installed.

A new wastewater treatment facility will be built on the southeast side of the city during the fourth and final phase of the project. Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in October 2025 and end in February 2027. While an exact location has not been selected, Stong said the facility will sit on about 30 acres of land.

Article Excerpt Molly DeVore, The Indiana Times