Energy Savings Rebates Continue for the City of Crown Point

The City of Crown Point received a NIPSCO energy rebate check on September 19, 2018. This rebate, totaling more than $55,000, is the second energy savings incentive check for the City (the first check was more than $29,000 in June of 2016).

The NIPSCO Commercial and Industrial Program incentivizes companies to become more energy efficient through rebate opportunities based on their energy efficiency. Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. reached out to NIPSCO during the construction of Crown Point’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). NIPSCO then evaluated the WWTP’s calculated savings on energy, which is how they base the payment of the rebate. They also looked at the new processes in the treatment plant and implemented additional methods of energy efficiency to make the City eligible for the rebate. In addition to receiving some $84,000 in instantaneous energy savings rebate checks, the City can apply the annual savings to finance a $1.2M utility improvements project (at 2.5% interest over 20-years’ time) with NO impact to the current rates by simply applying the energy savings to the bond payment.

To find out more about energy savings rebates, contact Al Stong, P.E.