Giving Back in Unseen Ways


Behind every running faucet, behind every toilet flush, behind every sewer protecting our homes from a flood, there is an engineer. We may not see them and we may not hear much about them, but their hard work immeasurably improves our quality of life.

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc is a water resource engineering firm that has been serving many communities throughout Indiana for the past 45 years. Its team of brilliant engineers is the reason why we can take something as small as a clean glass of water for granted.

Commonwealth Engineers may not provide a product, but what it does provide for the community is infinitely greater.

“Our job is to improve the quality of life and improve a lot of resources throughout the city. Everything that we do has a purpose. The purpose is to better people’s quality of life and better a community’s situation,” said Albert Stong, President of Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.

The company is the largest water resource consulting firm in Indiana and provides an array of services to help improve communities. Everything from wastewater management to upsizing water lines, to adding extra storage tanks—Commonwealth Engineers has the community covered.

Commonwealth Engineers has been working with the City of Crown Point and making a positive difference in the community for over 30 years. Stong himself has worked in Crown Point for 25 years ever since he began working at Commonwealth Engineers straight out of college.

Because of its close connection with the city, the company decided in 2018 that it was time to put down some roots.

“Because we do work in Crown Point, we want to make sure that we give back to the community. We want to employ local individuals. We want to make sure that we’re contributing members of the community, that we’re contributing to the tax base, that we’re paying utility bills.

If we’re going to be working so much for the community we want to be a part of it,” said Stong.

The company teamed up with the city and restored an old movie theater that hadn’t been touched in years into a beautiful office space. Aware of the building’s history first as a livery stable and then as a beloved theater, the company took great care to maintain the original open trust style the building has always had.

For Commonwealth Engineers, this new office space wasn’t just about expanding business—it was about giving back to the community and providing something nice for the city.

“Our moving into that building wasn’t just because we wanted to move into a larger office space. It was to help restore the building and to contribute to the look and feel of the square, bring improvements, and bring something that looks nice and provide that for the city,” said Stong.

Stong is excited about the future of the office. Currently, the office employs 12 people, and that number will only continue to grow as Commonwealth Engineers furthers its mission to improve people’s quality of life all over the Midwest. Crown Point will be crucial in achieving this goal.

“I’m looking forward to filling that office space. I would like to grow that office. We do work not only in Crown Point but in other communities in close proximity in Northwest Indiana as well. I’d like to grow that office and be able to provide services that we provide in Crown Point more prominently throughout Northwest Indiana,” said Stong.

Community is extremely important to Commonwealth Engineers. Everything the company does is intended to make the community a better, happier place. The company’s staff will often team up to do charitable things for the community such as community clean up events.

Commonwealth Engineers is also a large sponsor for many local festivities that bring the city together.

Even though you may not realize the impact that the Commonwealth Engineers team has had on your life and your city, they’re always there to make the community a better place. They continuously strive to improve people’s quality of life, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So, the next time you turn that faucet on, or flush that toilet, or watch that heavy rainstorm, remember that Commonwealth Engineers has your back.

“We are a business but we’re also about community. We’re successful if we improve things for the community. That’s how we measure our success,” said Stong.

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Article courtesy of NWI.Life