Guidance for Potable Water and Wastewater Operators

Commonwealth is committed to helping communities with the operation and maintenance of potable water and wastewater utilities, especially providing guidance to new and experienced operators. Assistance usually begins with a simple conversation between an operator and Commonwealth’s Operations Specialist, who will listen to concerns and ask targeted questions about their treatment plant and system. Ultimately, our goal is to better help operators with their treatment process understanding and where they might need assistance with maintaining good water quality.

Operators are responsible for producing safe drinking water and clean water discharges into public waterways. Commonwealth has a successful record of guiding operators to focus on two top priorities:

  • Water Quality – Operators must learn their treatment processes well to maintain good water quality. Learning will occur by monitoring and analyzing daily flow patterns, chemical usage, and analytical data throughout their treatment plant. Prioritizing good water quality each day establishes baseline knowledge, creates in-house training, and builds confidence for new operators.
  • Communication – Operators are the primary source of information about treatment plant and system needs. They must regularly share information with public officials and customers about water quality, utility work, regulatory requirements, etc. Prioritizing a written monthly summary of their recent and upcoming activity benefits both the operator and public officials in terms of making informed decisions.

To learn more about how Commonwealth can help with your potable water and wastewater utility operation and maintenance, contact Jeffrey Fish, Operations Specialist.