IDEM Conducting Sanitary Sewer System Inspections

In addition to routine Wastewater Compliance Evaluation Inspections, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Office of Water Quality (OWQ) also conducts Sanitary Sewer System (SSS) Inspections. The OWQ Compliance Branch is required to inspect 5% of the Sanitary Sewer Systems that have NPDES permits each fiscal year. The SSS inspections focus on operation and maintenance activities to ensure the proper function of your sanitary sewer system and minimize the risk or occurrence of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). IDEM provides a list of questions in advance of these SSS inspections to help utilities prepare and utility staff should also anticipate IDEM inspection of lift stations, manholes, and known SSO locations. It should also be noted that routine Compliance Evaluation Inspections and Proposed Agreed Orders often include a reminder for facilities to prepare and implement Preventative Maintenance Plans for wastewater treatment facilities and collection systems.

Commonwealth’s compliance staff is available to assist you in preparing for these inspections. If you have any questions, please contact Brady Dryer, Environmental Compliance Manager.