Implementing a Stormwater Utility

Town of Selma, IN – Jackson Street Improvements

Commonwealth Engineers recently completed a stormwater improvements project for the Town of Selma, which concentrated on mitigating flooding issues on heavily-traveled Jackson Street. Even with the most recent large rain events, no flooding has occurred in the previous flooding area since the project has been in service!

Because Selma doesn’t own a wastewater or water utility, a vehicle for funding required stormwater improvements became a challenge. The Town elected to establish a stormwater utility to help fund their current and future stormwater management needs. Commonwealth and Town officials worked closely together to establish the utility structure and rates by analyzing geographic information system (GIS) mapping, property records, and utility maps. After reviewing multiple scenarios, Selma elected to proceed with a flat rate for all developed parcels within the Town limits.

If your community has stormwater needs or would like to explore establishing a stormwater utility, contact Theresa Criss-Hartwig at Commonwealth Engineers: (317)888-1177 or