EPA Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) – Updated Dates

In December of 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the final revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) with the intent to reduce American’s exposure to Lead and Copper from drinking water and to ensure that public water systems take a proactive approach by evaluating the treatment and/or replacing lead service lines.

While this Revised Final Rule was slated to be in effect on March 16, 2021, it has since been delayed to be effective on December 16, 2021, giving more time to understand the impacts of the Revisions and for public comment. The new compliance date is September 16, 2024, meaning preliminary actions should be started soon to meet this short compliance deadline.

The changes in this rule that affect every public water utility include:

  • Creating and publishing a service line inventory
  • Service line replacements requirements
  • Updated sampling requirements
  • New Trigger and Action Levels
  • New Outreach and Education information
  • Increased Schools and Childcare testing
  • Small system flexibility

The first step in tackling these changes is to establish a Service Line Inventory to identify and prioritize those in need of action. Commonwealth has successfully applied the AWWA C810 procedure in prioritizing locations at risk and likely requiring remediation of lead lines. This approach has been approved by the SRF-IFA with resultant grant funding for said replacements and provides an appropriate process for replacing these assets. We can assist you in preparing for revision to the LCR through the creation of a service line inventory, assembly of a line replacement prioritization summary, evaluation of prudent corrosion control practices, and creation of an implementation plan, including eligible grants to assist with any required replacements as mandated by the Revised Rule.

For additional information, please contact Brady Dryer, Commonwealth’s Compliance Manager, or Rachel Runge, P.E., at (317) 888-1177.