Lead Service Line Replacements

Communities with old water service lines constructed of lead or galvanized steel pipes present a water quality risk to municipalities. In these instances, exploring a means of replacing old services with new copper or plastic water service pipes is of utmost importance.

A major challenge to municipalities is determining which homes or businesses have outdated construction materials since most are underground and inaccessible. One option is to inspect the existing water service lines while doing a water main replacement project. This will identify lead or galvanized service pipes that could be replaced in conjunction with the project. A second option is to inspect water service lines at the meter pits or at the connection into homes to verify pipe material.

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) offers an incentive program for water projects to replace lead or galvanized service lines completely from the water main to homes or businesses at no cost to the customer or utility. The only stipulation is the work needs to be coupled with an active water improvements project funded by the SRF.

Commonwealth Engineers has completed several of these projects for communities in Indiana. For more information, contact Theresa Criss-Hartwig, Business Development Director, or Ryan LaReau, P.E., Associate/Project Manager.