Meeting Regulatory Obligations: Indiana MS4 General Permit Annual Report Deadline Approaching

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and compliance with state regulations, it’s essential for municipalities across Indiana to adhere to the requirements set forth by the Indiana MS4 General Permit. One of these requirements is the submission of program annual reports to IDEM’s Office of Water Quality (OWQ) on or before April 1st each year.

IDEM OWQ has prepared a Draft Annual Report that is currently under review by applicable state agencies.  Once formally approved by the State of Indiana, all MS4s will be required to use the new form.  Alternative reporting will be announced by IDEM OWQ if the form is not approved in advance of the April 1st Annual Report deadline.

Update: IDEM OWQ’s MS4 Annual Report Form is now final and available for use.  The form can be obtained at the following website:  under Rule 13: Annual Report or downloaded directly by clicking the following link: 51278 [DOC]

If you have any questions, contact Brady Dryer at 317.888.1177.