Project Highlight: Newburgh Lift Station 2 Sub-Basin Recalibration Study

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. (Commonwealth) recently completed a hydraulic modeling study on the Town of Newburgh’s sanitary sewer system. The purpose of the study was to verify previously identified sanitary sewer system deficiencies and recommend capital improvements projects.

The Lift Station 2 Sub-Basin Recalibration Study showed a reduction in what could have been $8.8 million in capital improvements projects. Previously, a hydraulic model identified existing system deficiencies and future growth impacts on the Town of Newburgh’s sanitary sewer system. The master plan summarized and identified the Lift Station 2 Sub-Basin as a high risk for sanitary sewer overflows.

The Utility targeted this sub-basin to determine the cause, which led to finding a significant direct source contributor of inflow to the sanitary sewer system. The finding resulted in immediate repairs to the system. After the repair was complete, Commonwealth recalibrated the hydraulic model to determine the impacts of the Town’s efforts. The effect of the repairs was a significant reduction in inflow which led to a major reduction in required capital improvements projects.

For more information on this project or how Commonwealth can help your community with cost-saving reviews and planning projects, contact Drew Flamion, PE, or Travis Harper, PE.