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The East Lake Dam is an earthen dam that is about 40 ft. high and 650 ft. long. It is the largest of the Prince’s Lakes chain with a drainage area of 2.6 square miles. An emergency repair was designed, and work was completed from a June 7, 2008 flood in order to prevent further damage and a possible dam breach from a subsequent storm. The dam is currently being reconstructed and when complete will consist of a 125 ft. wide x 11 ft. high concrete labyrinth type spillway on the left side of the existing East Lake Dam. This will also include a concrete spillway chute, chute blocks and an impact basin followed by an earthen channel lined with class 1 and 2 riprap. A metal sheet pile cutoff wall will also be installed below the spillway and in the left side of the embankment to help control seepage.