East Side Interceptor Replacement - Phase I & II City of Richmond

Portfolio / Wastewater

City of Richmond
Richmond, IN

Phase I, II, and III of this project primarily involve (a) replacing approximately 14,000 lineal feet of existing 36-inch East Side Interceptor with a 54-inch interceptor using a combination of open cut and micro-tunneling construction, (b) constructing several large connections and drop structures, and (c) replacing the influent channel structure near the WWTP headworks. These projects are part of a three-phase sequence to reduce overflows on the east side of the City and to comply with the City’s Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). Preliminary engineering on this project included surveying the existing interceptor and creating a hydraulic model using XPSWMM to determine the most efficient configuration and alignment of the new sewer. Unique features of this project include:

  • The open cut portion located parallel to the Whitewater River on a 2:1 sloped hill (which falls at least 80 feet from top to bottom) within a very Narrow construction easement with single ingress and egress, and
  • Microtunneling portion located in a heavily developed urban setting, approximately 50 feet below grade, with large construction shafts to accommodate the connection and drop structures.