Long Term Control Plan Improvements Project City of Nappanee

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Nappanee, IN 

CSO Interceptor and Wet Weather Treatment and Storage Facilities Project: This project provides collection and treatment of excessive combined sewage produced during wet weather events.  The need for this project is a direct result of the IDEM-approved CSO LTCP implementation schedule, the NPDES Permit, and an Agreed Judgment.  The project scope generally includes:

  • Ten (10) Connections to the existing CSO points;
  • 5,600 linear feet of 48” to 66” Diameter Interceptor Sewer and Greenway Trail;
  • 0.35 MG Surge Tank and 1.75 MG Storage Facility;
  • Wet Weather Treatment Screening, Pumping, and High Rate Clarification (HRC) Wet Weather Treatment Facility.

The overall project budget is in excess of $30M of which the City, with the aid of Commonwealth Engineers, obtained approximately $15M in grant money through the USDA.