Long Term Control Plan Update & Sewer Separation Town of Speedway

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Town of Speedway
Speedway, IN

The Town of Speedway is implementing aggressive solutions to stormwater management and has taken the “Green” Flag in its race to solve drainage issues as well as being on the final stretch of eliminating combined sewers. By Green, we mean implementing green and sustainable solutions to manage stormwater.

As part of the Town’s CSO Long Term Control Plan and the ongoing Stormwater Master Planning, Commonwealth is introducing watershed components to reduce runoff and improve water quality while also beautifying Speedway’s historical sections. The new environs will fit into Speedway’s developing cultural and commerce initiative, The Speed Zone.

Speedway’s “Green” Flag approach includes several sustainable components to control storms of around 1 inch such as:

  • Use of rain gardens
  • Construction of Bio-swales
  • Use of pervious concrete gutters
  • Inclusions of permeable brick pavers along intersections
  • End of pipe treatment with vortex hydro separators for improvement of water quality

An integral part of the overall project approach is a GIS mapping system for all utilities managed by the Town.