Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Town of Fairmount

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Fairmount, IN

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. (Commonwealth) performed value engineering and construction oversight/inspection for the noted WWTP Improvements Project.

Efforts commenced with our Value Engineering (VE) Team. This VE Team was tasked with developing cost-saving recommendations consistent with the project goals and objectives as well as the identification of areas of concern with the design (by others) that merited the Town’s attention and consideration.

The VE Team consisted of highly qualified Professional Engineers, a Master Electrician/Instrumentation and Control Specialist, and a Construction Estimator experienced and specialized in municipal public works wastewater projects of this nature. The Team evaluated project components integral and related to the published design and identified in excess of $500,000 in cost savings opportunities (which was realized at project bidding). The VE Team also identified and addressed several potential constructability issues as well as clarifying work items required to ensure accurate bidding.

Major project work elements included the following facilities and equipment: mechanical fine screen, sewage pumps, grit removal facilities, alum building, rehabilitation of the oxidation ditch, flow split structure, secondary clarifiers, chlorination facilities, dechlorination facilities, and meter structure. The work also included plant access drive, paving, yard piping, process piping, demolition, excavation, dewatering, regrading, site restoration, coatings, electrical work, instrumentation and control, clean-up, and all other related work and appurtenances necessary to complete the work for the Fairmount Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion.

Commonwealth’s Construction Engineering and Inspection efforts resulted in the Town retaining the majority of the initially budgeted construction contingency funds, which allowed us to solicit the use of over $250,000 in remaining funds for additionally required wastewater utility improvements and purchases.