Portfolio / Potable Water

Commonwealth Engineers worked with the Town of Flora to make improvements to their water system. It consisted of the following two parts:

Division “A” – Water Treatment Plant

The project includes but is not limited to general improvements to the Town of Flora’s Water Treatment System and Distribution System. The work includes replacement of existing high service pumps and well pumps, replacement of vertical pressure filters, new disinfection system, replacement of existing meters and new customer meter heads. All work is to be completed with equipment in place and shall include all other work required for the intended operation and for the completion of the project.

Division “B” – Elevated Storage Tank Improvements

The work includes but is not limited to repairs to the two existing elevated storage tanks including: exterior overcoating, cathodic protection, roof vent, roof railing, sidewall ladder and platform installation, miscellaneous safety improvements, and all other ancillary components required for a complete and operational system.