Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project Town of Osgood

Portfolio / Potable Water


  • Repair and Recoat Existing Elevated Storage Tanks
  • Implement Results of the Pilot Scale Test Evaluation for Water Recirculation Pump
  • Eliminate 3rd Shift at the Plant by Process and Tank Optimization
  • Emergency Response Plan and Implementation of Necessary Security and SCADA Upgrades
  • New Booster Pump Station to Allow Full Use of Elevated Storage Tank
  • New Radio Read Flow Meters in the Distribution System


The Town of Osgood operates a water treatment plant (WTP) that was originally designed to meet the water demands for the Town and the neighboring towns of Holton and Napoleon. Recently, Holton Water Corporation has elected not to receive treated water from Osgood, which reduced the customer base served by the Town’s WTP. This change necessitated a re-evaluation of various components of the WTP in order to optimize the operation of the facility.

The project included a new flow-paced chemical feed pump to reduce chemical usage, permanent installation of a re-circulation pump, Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation, a new Booster Pump and Flow Control Station, Security and SCADA improvements, and new Automatic Flow Meters throughout Town.