Project Highlight: Town of Newburgh Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

The Town of Newburgh is completing a phase of their Sanitary Sewer Master Plan that focuses on Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) reduction. The hydraulic model of their collection system identifies key areas of I/I. Staff from the Newburgh Sewer Department are working together with Commonwealth’s staff to complete smoke testing in these areas. The smoke testing is finding the larger I/I culprits causing increased peaked flows during storm events. After fixing the defects found during smoke testing, the Town plans to recalibrate the collection system model and begin the next phase of their Sanitary Sewer Master Plan.




Inflow and Infiltration are terms that describe how stormwater gets into sewer systems. The inflow is stormwater that flows directly into the sewer system, and infiltration is the excess water that indirectly gets into the sewer system through such things as cracks or breaks in pipes. I/I plays a significant role in sanitary sewer overflows. Commonwealth Engineers helps municipalities experiencing I/I issues by working to implement cost-effective and long-term solutions. Smoke testing, such as that done in Newburgh, allows the community to find the leaks in the system and then work to remedy the problem areas.  For more information on this project, contact Brenton Hasenour, P.E.