Project Spotlight:  City of Nappanee Airport Tank

The City of Nappanee recently completed a $2.5 million project to construct a new 600,000-gallon single pedestal spheroid elevated storage tank. The construction of the tank took approximately 18 months from start to finish.

Commonwealth worked with the City through the entire planning and construction of the project. A preliminary engineering report was completed to determine the need and design parameters for the project. Water system modeling was used to determine the location, size, and height of the tank. Design services were provided to complete construction plans and specifications, and construction engineering and inspection was provided to oversee the project through construction. Throughout the entire process, the City partnered with the Indiana Finance Authority to provide funding for the project.

The addition of this new storage tank will provide the City’s water system with the needed storage and pressure to serve existing customers and allow for future growth for years to come. To learn more about the success of the City of Nappanee’s Airport Tank project, please reach out to Andrew Robarge, PE, or Ryan LaReau, PE.