Unsubmitted Water Loss Audits

Roughly 30% of Indiana’s water utilities did not submit their required 2019 Water Loss Audit and Validation report by the January 1, 2021 deadline, as required in Senate Enrolled Act 4 (“SEA 4”).  Without a submitted Water Loss Audit, your utility may be at risk of losing utility improvement financing capabilities through the Indiana Finance Authority State Revolving Loan Fund.  Fortunately, it appears you may be able to solicit an extension to this deadline.  If your utility needs to request an extension, you can do so until February 15, 2021.  For more information on the Water Loss Audits, you can visit IFA’s website at https://www.in.gov/ifa/water-loss-audits/.

Commonwealth Engineers has assisted our partner communities in the completion of dozens of water loss audits and validations over the course of 2020.  We have multiple Certified Water Loss Auditors and Validators on staff who are ready to help you perform and validate your 2019 Water Loss Audit.  If you would like to discuss receiving assistance, please contact Theresa Criss-Hartwig for more details.