Utility SCADA Systems Cybersecurity

You may have read the recent headlines about the Oldsmar Florida Water Treatment Facilities control system being hacked. Chemical feed rates for sodium hydroxide (the ingredient commonly found in drain cleaner) was increased from 100 ppm to 11,200 ppm. If not for the plant manager’s prompt reaction, those headlines would likely also include a report on corresponding catastrophic health impacts to the customers consuming the poisoned water.

It is commonplace for current day Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems to offer remote access control features.  It is also commonplace for the lion’s share of both water and wastewater treatment facilities to be equipped with SCADA Systems.

How should communities and operators navigate these risks?  Commonwealth has experienced utility SCADA experts on staff that are here to help.  It is routine for Commonwealth to review these risks with our client communities and then enact protective measures specific to the utility’s individual needs while considering corresponding budgetary restraints.

If you would like to discuss reasonable, cost-effective steps towards cybersecurity for your utility’s SCADA Systems, please contact Theresa Criss-Hartwig at 317-888-1177 or tcriss-hartwig@contactcei.com