Water Loss Audits – 2020 Updates and Validation Requirements

In 2016 water utilities across the State participated in a “WhyFi Water Audit” through the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA). This audit was intended to allow for a statewide assessment of water loss throughout our utilities.  552 utilities participated in this data collection initiative resulting in the IFA published a report titled “Evaluation of Indiana’s Water Utilities” (Link to IFA report: https://www.in.gov/ifa/files/IFA-Report-11-18-2016.pdf)


In response to this report, in 2019, the State Legislature enacted the Senate Enrolled Act 4, requiring annual water audits by all community water systems which supply water to users through meters.  Additionally, for every even-numbered year starting with 2020, these audits must be “Validated” by a third party certified “Validator.”  These water audits are intended to both evaluate a utility’s water loss and establish pro-active steps to address the water loss triggers.


Your utility may have already received correspondence indicating that the first Validated Water Audit is due August 1, 2020.


Commonwealth strives to assist communities in every way we can. We will have several Engineers qualified by the State at the inaugural training session in November 2019 as both “Auditors” and “Validators” so we can both assist with assembly of your audit as well as provide third-party validation of the audit.


For more information on how Commonwealth can help with your Water Audit, contact Theresa Criss-Hartwigg thartwigg@contactcei.com and/or Rachel Runge rrunge@contactcei.com.


Resource: https://www.in.gov/ifa/2928.htm