Delaware County Redevelopment Commission Plans $6 Million Sidewalk Project in Muncie, IN

Morrison TIF Sidewalk Plan Project

Commonwealth Engineers is proud to be a part of one of the City of Muncie’s largest ever sidewalk projects.

In order to maintain and improve traffic infrastructure, the City must continuously work on road and sidewalk repair projects. This project, however, will do more than repairs, it will include new sidewalks and safe passageways for pedestrians and bicyclists in an area that has had continued commercial business growth for the past 20 years. Members of the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission have expressed that the increased commercial business traffic causes safety concerns for pedestrians trying to get to and from the new hotels, restaurants, or businesses.

This project is located in the northwest area of Muncie and connects visitors and residents with area destinations and services, including Ball State University, hotels, food establishments, transit routes/stops, health services/medical offices, and the community at-large. The completed sidewalk system will connect people, enhance the quality of life and increase safety for area residents, and enhance visitors’ experience.

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