Indiana In-Lieu Fee Program for Stream and Wetland Mitigation

For Projects Impacting Jurisdictional Stream or Wetlands

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in the process of finalizing an In-Lieu Fee Program for the State of Indiana, regulated by Corps of Engineers.

This program, set to start in 2018, will restore, establish, enhance and/or preserve aquatic resources through funds of credit purchases in-lieu of compensatory mitigation requirements from permits of jurisdictional waters.  The goal is to allow the DNR to select project sites based on watershed needs, create sizable ecological habitats, and provide permanent protection of the site.

How this will affect your specific project: If a project is impacting a jurisdictional stream or wetland, and the permit agency is requiring compensatory mitigation, this program allows the permit recipient to pay a fee to transfer mitigation responsibilities which should ease and expedite the permit process.

For more information on the Indiana In-Lieu Fee Program, contact Drew Flamion.