Electrical / Instrumentation & Control

Commonwealth Engineers performs In-House Instrumentation and Control Design, services typically only offered by large national firms.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Licensed Professional Engineer/ Licensed Master Electrician with over 25 Years of Design & Implementation of Electrical & Controls
  • Formal Training in Power Analysis
  • AEE Certified Energy Auditor – AEE certification is the most respected and difficult certification to obtain. It is Recognized by the US Department of Energy, US Agency for International Development, State Department, Fortune 1000 companies, utilities, energy service companies, and countless others.
  • Knowledge of Creative Funding Options
  • Project Management
  • General Contractor Services
  • Quality Assurance for the Customer
  • Process Experts
    • We understand that if it’s not a commercial building, we can’t just look at motors and lighting.
    • Understanding and cautious about the process; we can avoid compliance issues.
    • Our knowledge of the process and equipment means avoiding equipment damage.
    • We know how to modify processes to save money.

Electrical/I&C/Energy Savings/Power Quality Details


Contact Toby Church, PE, CEA for more information: 317.888.1177