Celebrating Engineers Week 2019 – Drew Flamion, P.E.


Looking back, it was fairly obvious.  At a very young age, I had a fleet of large Tonka toys consisting of dozers, scrapers, dump trucks, excavators, etc.  I would spend countless hours building roads in the backyard of my dedicated soil pile. From there, I acquired a fascination with Legos and built everything imaginable.

In high school, I developed a love for math and complex problem solving and continued my desire for building structures by working for a residential construction company. At that point, I realized I did not want to roof houses for a living and would rather design them!  After graduation, I enrolled at the University of Evansville. It was not until my third year at the university that I realized I wanted to become a water resource engineer.  I have to give credit to Dr. Brian Swenty, who started off my first hydraulic class with “God I love water! – It’s so exciting!” I had never seen someone so passionate about resolving any water-related issue.  Needless to say, his passion became mine.

Upon completing my education at Evansville, I sought a career in water resources, which led me to Commonwealth Engineers. That was nearly 13 years ago, and to this day I still have that passion for water resource engineering and striving to make communities a better place.

My advice to anyone pursuing engineering – don’t hesitate!  It’s a highly rewarding field with diverse opportunities. The engineering field is fast-paced, team-driven, and always has a unique set of challenges to conquer!

– Drew Flamion, P.E.

Drew is an Associate Engineer for Commonwealth Engineers’ Evansville Office. His civil work expertise includes master planning, field investigations/evaluations, surveying, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling applications, engineering design plans, permitting, land acquisition, construction contract documents, construction inspection, and engineering for various wastewater, potable water, stormwater (including dams/levees) and transportation infrastructure projects.  Drew has helped many communities implement such projects by utilizing federal and state grant funding opportunities, and by working closely with the owner, administrative agencies, and contractors, to ensure successful project completion.