Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

February 21st is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

The Walker Career Center recently hosted their annual Women in Engineering Breakfast in Indianapolis, Indiana. For this event, teachers handpicked their most promising 8th-grade female students who had an opportunity to sit with high school student mentors in the Walker Career Center as well as female professionals from the Engineering industry.

Commonwealth’s own Sarah Prizio, E.I. and Kendra Walter, E.I. were honored to be among those invited to attend. Their role was to provide knowledge and experience, helping young women to understand how vital they are to the fields of technology and engineering.

“This was my second year attending the Women in Engineering Breakfast. The girls are always full of life, questions, hope, and determination. It is exciting to see such energy towards STEM in younger females. We spoke about what it means to have a strong present voice as a female professional, our female role models, general advice on how to make it through high school, and what to expect out of life past college.” – Sarah Prizio, E.I.

“The event was a great opportunity for the girls to gain exposure to women in STEM as they start thinking of their future careers. My favorite part of the event was being able to share with them the things I love about engineering – how it can require a lot of creativity, and that engineering skills can be used to better the lives of others.” – Kendra Walter, E.I.