Frankton Wastewater Utility Improvements Groundbreaking

On September 6, 2022, the Town of Frankton, IN broke ground on its Wastewater Utility Improvements Project.

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. joined Town officials as well as representatives from USDA, SRF, the State of Indiana, Indiana Bond Bank, and Project Contractors in visiting the town of Frankton to celebrate the start of construction on a new wastewater treatment plant and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system.

Project Description:

The Town of Frankfort broke ground on 2 of the 3 divisions associated with the Wastewater Utility Improvements project.

Division A – Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation: The project includes the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system. The work includes approximately 15,000 ft of cleaning, CCTV, and CIPP for 8” and 12” pipes in the sanitary sewer system, rehabilitation of the system’s manholes, and the removal of trees in designated root intrusion areas.

Division C – New Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP): Construction of a new 4.36 MGD WWTP on the existing WWTP site. The project consists of a new influent pump station, screening and grit removal, SBR, UV disinfection, and sludge processing facilities.

Division A Contractor: Performance Pipelining, Inc.
Division C Contractor: RE Crosby Construction