Is your utility prepared for emergencies?

We empathize with our neighbors in Jackson, Mississippi, today as they continue to struggle with water shortages for a third day. Schools and businesses are reported to be closed and extensive BOIL WATER ORDERS are enforced (if the public water supply is available at all). President Biden has declared this a state of emergency.

Flooding and extreme weather appear to be the tipping point for a utility that likely already had underlying issues with aging equipment and infrastructure, supply shortages, and lack of funding to correct known deficiencies.

These concerns can echo close to home as we struggle to balance asset management, rising prices for materials and fuel, shortages in necessary treatment chemicals and supplies, as well as a decreasing workforce. Fortunately, right now there are multiple options for funding projects with both grants and low-interest loans – including planning for asset management and emergency response plans.

Preparing for these scenarios and planning for the future can help prevent failures from reaching the level Mississippi is currently experiencing.

For more information on funding and grant opportunities, contact our Business Development staff today.


Donations to the Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition can be made at the link below: