Potential Infrastructure Funding Creates Need for Planning

With the ink barely dry on the most recent COVID-19 stimulus package, the federal government is already in discussion on an additional package focusing on infrastructure.


Remember the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA)?  ARRA was hurriedly assembled and provided a combination of tax cuts, stimulus checks, and public works spending.  Our office was contacted by the various funding agencies with a request to make ready and submit any and all planning documents detailing infrastructure needs.  Shovel ready was the theme, and these documents were utilized in requests by our state to access ARRA dollars.  At that time, Commonwealth submitted 33 planning reports, and many of our partner communities were the beneficiaries of rather generous infrastructure grants and loan forgiveness packages.


In our industry, there is never a lack of work required.  The shortcoming is always with the ability to pay for it.  Commonwealth is in the process of assembling planning documents for many of the partner communities assessing their water, wastewater, and stormwater utility needs in anticipation of the forthcoming infrastructure stimulus.  If your community has the need, we encourage you to get your planning done now to maximize the likelihood for future funding considerations.


Al Stong, P.E., President