Today’s Challenges in the Water and Wastewater Workforce

While the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order is still in place, we realize the Water and Wastewater workforce continues to provide essential services with hopes of returning to normal soon. During this time, some staff may be in isolation due to being high risk which might include operators and leaders – leaving others to fill their roles. Whatever the case may be, we understand individuals can feel overwhelmed while adapting to significant changes in workflow and areas of responsibility.

At the beginning of the year, we shared a 5-part Blog titled Water and Wastewater Workforce – The Impending Challenge, which closed with an announcement of our new service offering Operations Assistance. Through this new service offering, we can serve as an operational backup or provide operational advice and training. This service may benefit your community right now, and it will be an available resource going forward.

Given how quickly things changed and continue to change, it is challenging to adapt immediately. Our seasoned operator, Jeff Fish, is ready to assist your community and is available to provide operational support, advice, and guidance to community staff and leadership. Please do not hesitate to call Jeff at (317) 888-1177 or e-mail with your questions or to learn more about this service.