Project Highlight – Terre Haute WWTP Tour Part 2 – Solids Handling

In the below video, City of Terre Haute Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Robert Elkins, gives a tour of the solids handling facility and explains the benefits that the improvements provide to the WWTP operations staff.

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. was a member of the design and construction engineering team for the City of Terre Haute’s new and improved wastewater treatment plant. Specifically, Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. designed the biosolids facilities improvements which included a new septage/grease receiving facility, additional pumping/improvements in the existing digester control building, and a new solids handling facility.

The new solids handling facility includes sludge pumping, polymer feed equipment, four rotary drum thickeners, three sludge dewatering centrifuges, and a conveyor conveyance system to dry storage.