Project Highlight – Terre Haute WWTP Tour Part 3 – HRC Facility

As required by the City of Terre Haute’s Long Term Control Plan (LTCP), the construction of Phase I of the City’s Wet Weather Treatment Facility (also known as an HRC or High Rate Clarification Facility) was completed in the Summer of 2016.

The purpose of the facility is to treat flows that exceed the capacity of the City’s Class IV activated sludge wastewater treatment plant during wet weather.  Instead of being discharged directly to the Wabash River, excess wet weather flow from the City’s combined sewer collection system is pumped by the City’s Main Lift Station to this 16.25 million-gallon-per-day facility for treatment. The HRC facility utilizes high-rate clarification to remove over 80% of particulate biochemical oxygen demand and 75% of total suspended solids from wet weather flow.  Prior to discharge to the Wabash River, disinfection of the wet weather flow occurs via ultraviolet disinfection.

Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. (Commonwealth) provided the necessary planning, design, and construction engineering services required to see the project through from start to finish.

In the below video is a short tour given by the City of Terre Haute’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Robert Elkins. As part of the next phase of the City’s LTCP, Commonwealth is working with CHA Consulting on the design of a new Main Lift Station and Phase II of the HRC facility, which will expand the total wet weather treatment capacity of the facility to 32.5 million gallons per day.